Theo The Bulldog Is Obsessed With Metal Bowls And We Can’t Stop Grinning.

Most dogs enjoy playing with chew toys, balls, or stuffed animals. But if you ask this pup, they aren’t half as fun as his favorite thing ever!

Meet Theo, the bulldog with a strange yet adorable affinity for metal dishes. While other canines are more interested in the food or water these bowls typically hold, all Theo wants is the container itself!

After Andrew Stout brought Theo home, he noticed pretty quickly that the puppy had an intense fascination with metal bowls. Large or small, it didn’t matter as long as he could have them! Over the years, his passion has only grown.

“He sleeps with them,” Andrew said. “He plays with them. He chews on them. He does everything with them.”

Because Theo adores them so much, he gets upset when a bowl isn’t nearby at all times. So Andrew began placing them strategically throughout the house, yard, and even pool to keep him happy.

These days, Andrew estimates they have close to 50 bowls, and that number is certain to keep increasing!

While it’s anyone’s guess as to why Theo chose bowls, Andrew believes they comfort him in a way nothing else can. He does nod off with them in his mouth, after all!

“It’s almost like a pacifier. Like a security blanket,” Andrew added. “I think he feels comfortable whenever he has one or when he’s holding onto one.”

His canine sister Rosie may not understand the obsession either, but that just leaves more bowls for Theo!

This is a dog who knows exactly what he likes. As long as they make him happy, we say the more bowls, the better!

See more of Theo and his favorite toys in the video below, and share this story with other animal lovers to make them smile.

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