Adorable Baby Gets World’s Best Snuggles From His 3 Goldendoodle Siblings.

There’s nothing like a mother’s love for her baby. Apparently, there’s also nothing like a dog’s love for a mother’s baby! Or at least, that’s the case for this Connecticut family.

Jessica and Alex brought their son Theo home in November 2019. Once he arrived, he was introduced to his three goldendoodle siblings: Samson, Charley, and Shea. If Jessica and Alex were nervous to have their newborn around three big dogs, their worries quickly vanished when they saw how much love the pups had for their new favorite human!


The dogs took to Theo almost immediately and were soon posing beside him for pictures.

“Welcome home,” their parents wrote on Instagram. “We can’t wait to become your best furiends!


Despite how much larger they are than Theo, the baby didn’t mind having them around. In fact, by the time he was 3 months old, Theo was spending most of his daily naps snuggled up on a pup!

His parents documented these heartwarming cuddle sessions on Samson’s Instagram account. Each picture and video makes the love between these BFFs unmistakably clear!


This snuggly trait is pretty common for goldendoodles as they’re incredibly friendly dogs. In fact, they need socialization, affection, and interaction in order to thrive, which is why they’re so quick to cuddle up to their loved ones no matter what they’re doing.

No wonder they enjoy Theo so much. He obviously can’t get enough of his dog siblings, which makes them a match made in heaven!


Their undeniable cuteness has earned them viral fame! Videos of Theo and his pups have circulated across countless social media platforms and have even been featured on Fox News and the “Today” show.


No one can get enough of this family! After all, there’s nothing quite as precious as a baby and a dog (or three) snuggling.

Soak up the love in the video below, and remember to share the joy with your friends.


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