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The Tonight Show’s Most Iconic Guest — Millie Bobby Brown’s Poodle Winnie

millie bobby brown dog

Winnie the Poodle made her first apperance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and her owner Millie Bobby Brown, was proud to show her to the world.

Millie visited Jimmy on Feb. 29 and brought her four-legged friend along. She intended to leave Winnie in her dressing room while she chatted, but Jimmy had the pleasure of meeting Winnie before the show, and he thought she needed a proper introduction.

“I loved meeting your poodle backstage,” he admitted when Millie sat down.

“She somehow makes everything about her,” Millie laughed. “She’s just so selfish. She’s a queen.”

Jimmy went on to ask Millie Bobby Brown if her dog enjoys a crowd, and she said she made sure to socialize her from a young age. So now, Winnie loves traveling and hanging out on sets.

“Actually, when she was 8 weeks, I took her to a Falcons game,” Millie shared. “I was just like, ‘You got to get used to this, kid.’ And she did! She was just like, OK, whatever.’ And so now she just thrives on sets, [at] studios. She doesn’t like being at the house. She’s like, ‘I want to go out. I want to go to work!'”

With that, Jimmy invited the adorable brown pup on stage. Someone lifted the backstage curtain, and Winnie came trotting out to greet the audience.

Winnie made a few laps before finding her way to Millie and the couch. She hopped up, relaxed, and posed for the camera.

Millie Bobby Brown's dog Winnie on The Tonight Show

“She’s happy to be here, I think,” Millie Bobby Brown said as she gave her dog some pets.

The Stanger Things actress brought Winnie home in 2020, just after celebrating her sweet sixteen, and as she mentioned, turned her into a travel companion. So Millie said Winnie has become a bit of an actress herself. The dog can also tell when Millie is “acting” versus when she’s “actually really upset.”

However, Millie said there was one incident where an on-set situation was so real that she fooled her dog.

“So, I actually, on Damsel, did a huge stunt,” she began. “I had to jump from one cave to another, and I did the stunt, and she has never made a cry, a yelp — She knows when I’m acting. But this stunt was so realistic that she cried out to me because she thought I was actually going to die. And I remember just looking at her and being like, ‘It’s okay, baby.'”

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