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The Strawberry Moon Is Lighting The Sky Soon! Details & When To See

View of a pink full moon, much like the strawberry moon in June.

The start of summer is just a few days away! Fittingly, we’ll start off this beloved season in June with a particularly special night-time treat — the strawberry moon. Although we get a full moon every single month, there’s always something about each one of them that makes them special. This is especially true for June this year. So, let’s go over all of the details, shall we?

First, you can expect to spot this beautiful summer moon on Friday, June 21 (and the next night, too). Despite having strawberry in this nickname, the moon will not actually have a different hue — in most places, anyway. For those of you who live in certain areas of Europe, however, you may notice a bit of a reddish or rose hue — but that is not because this is a yearly occurrence.

View of a pink full moon, much like the strawberry moon in June.
Dylan Sauerwein / Unsplash

On the contrary, the strawberry moon is expected to make a bit of history this time around. Rather than rising to its usual spot in the sky, June will see the “very lowest full moon we’ve seen in years,” according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Kick Off Summer 2024 by Viewing the Beautiful Strawberry Moon

“Particularly for Europe’s higher latitudes, the full moon nearest the summer solstice shines through more atmosphere than at other times of the year,” NASA explains. “This can give the full moon a reddish or rose color — for much the same reasons that a rising or setting sun appears red.”

Don’t live in Europe? No worries! Even if the moon doesn’t give off a strawberry hue, it’s still expected to be even more spectacular than normal. So, with all of that being said, anybody else suddenly want to throw a summer moon party? I have the perfect idea for snacks!

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