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Stranger Hands Mom A Card With Cash & The Message Inside Touches Her Heart

View of cash inside a card. Part of the message reads: Your children are a credit to you

It can be so easy to forget how many good people there are in the world. Then, moments like this happen. While at a local cafe, a Reddit user named Violets-4-Roses experienced an unforgettable random act of kindness. On this particular day, she had both her daughter and baby nephew with her. The only other person in the cafe was a man they didn’t know. This leads Mom to believe that he could hear just about everything they were saying.

After a while, the man left. Soon after, however, he returned — but this time, the stranger had a card in his hand. Without any explanation, he hands Mom the card, simply sharing that “someone has left this for you.” It was clear, though, that the card was from him. Inside was money for ice cream, along with a sweet message.

Inside of a card. There's cash at the bottom. The card itself says "congratulations." The following is handwritten on the card: Treat the children to some ice cream. You are a great mum and a good role model. Keep doing what you are doing. Your children are a credit to you.

“Treat the children to some ice cream,” the message starts. “You are a great mum and a good role model. Keep doing what you are doing. Your children are a credit to you.”

Needless to say, this Mom was absolutely floored by the kindness of this stranger. Since she didn’t get the chance to talk to him, she decided to find out if any of the cafe workers knew anything about him.

Stranger Surprises Mom With Money and a Heartfelt Card

“I spoke to the women who run the cafe to see if they knew who he was,” Mom recounts, “and they said he usually leaves money behind the counter to pay for a few families’ orders anonymously, as he had a very poor upbringing and wants to help other families.”

So, turns out, this man has become known for helping strangers in similar ways. How awesome is that? It goes to show that kindness really does go a long way in making the world a better, brighter, more hopeful place.

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