Adorable Kid Finds Clever Workaround To Dad’s Toy Selection Caveat.

When a kid wants a specific toy in the toy store, they might surprise you with their persuasiveness.

A quick trip to the toy store turned into a life lesson for an unprepared dad. Any parent will tell you that taking a kid into a toy store is not always fun. When this father took his three-year-old son to a toy store, he gave the boy very explicit rules. The young boy could get any toy if it fits in his hand.

The boy found his selected toy and held it up for dad’s approval.

Kid in a toy store telling his dad "It fits in my hand."
Image from Facebook.

Dad seems ready for this discussion and confident in his abilities as a dad. He asked his son, “How big is your hand?” Then he explained that although he could carry the big box, it wouldn’t fit in his hand. The boy wrestled with the box, trying different ways to balance it in one hand.

Tiny boy trying to maneuver a huge box to balance in one hand.
Image from Facebook.

When he couldn’t get the balance just right, the young man turned to put it back on the shelf.

Kid putting toy back on the shelf after dad said no.
Image from Facebook.

As he struggled to put the item back, the kid had a lightbulb moment. You can almost visualize the tiny lightbulb shining above his head as he adjusts his hands.

The kid gets a brilliant idea and works out a way to get the toy he wants.
Image from Facebook.

Then, turning triumphantly to his dad… Success!

Success! The boy is holding the chosen item in one hand.
Image from Facebook.

And that was the precise moment that this dad realized he had just been hoodwinked by a three-year-old. The boy stood proudly, holding his prize in one hand, and all his dad could do was laugh nervously.

Prepare Yourself When Taking A Kid To A Toy Store!

We’re not sure if the dad actually purchased the toy, but we hope he did. The ingenuity shown by this young boy is a brilliant start to life. We are unable to embed the video depicting this entire saga, but you can view it on Facebook. It will surely bring a smile and a healthy dose of hope for the future. With this kid in charge, we’ll have all the toys!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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