The Next Lebron? Watch This 4′ 5″ Sixth-Grader Dominate High Schoolers 2 Feet Taller Than Him.

Julian Newman With Fellow Teammates

Julian Newman is insane! Here are some varsity stats for this 6th grade, 4’5” phenom during the 2013-2014 season:

  • Julian scored an average 17.4 Points Per Game
  • He added an additional 9.8 Assists Per Game
  • Even his 3.6 Rebounds Per Game are above the national average!

Julian Newman MaxPreps


In an interview with Conan, he said he has been matched up against players who were 6′ – 6’7”. That is about 2 feet taller than the preteen Julian. We can only imagine the one statistic he isn’t superior in (Blocked Shots) will dramatically improve as he gets older. Get excited to see him play in the pros some day.

Here’s more on Julian:

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