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Dog with ball

15 Animals That Just Want To Make You Smile

These animals really just want you to have the best day ever.  That is why they are here to make you grin, relax, and think about the fantastic joys of life.

1. These Photobombing Rays.

smiling manta rays
2. This Studious Cat. Meet Professor Kitty.

cat in glasses
3. This Bro With A Soccer Ball.

soccer dog
4. These Buds Back From Hiding Eggs.

dogs with bunny ears
5. This Panda With A Question.

6.  This Sloth Just Hangin’ Out.

 Baby Sloth Hanging
7. This Pooch. Up To No Good.

Happy Dog
8. This Little Guy Who Just Wants A High Five.

polar bear high five
9. This Owl Who Doesn’t Understand.

owl looking like an owl
10. These Two Outdoorsman Gathering Firewood.

two guinea pigs
11. The Sweetest Snail That Ever Existed.

baby snail touching mother

12. This Chameleon Who’s Too Cool For School.

13. This Balancing Act.

14. This Guy In His Tub. Livin’ The Life.

15. And This Fellow, The Happiest Sloth Of All The Sloths.

happy sloth

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