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The New “Barbie” Movie Is Bringing Women Together In The Most Wholesome Ways.

Lizzo McGuire TikTok about Barbie and girl culture

This summer, the movie everyone is talking about is “Barbie!” The frothy, action-packed comedy smashed box office records and has everyone talking about what it means to be a woman in today’s modern world. The movie examines many important issues, from equality to the patriarchy, but it’s also providing a fun outing for women all around the world. After all, empowered women may not need a reason to dress all in pink and go to the movies with their friends, but they’ll take it when it’s offered!

One of the best aspects of the Barbie universe is how supportive all of the dolls are of one another. Barbies always offer encouragement to their friends, and they never try to criticize or knock each other down. Interestingly, a few TikTokers have noticed that the movie is inspiring more woman-to-woman support in the real world, too.

“That is girl culture!”

We love that, don’t you? Then there’s the TikToker below who saw two older ladies showing the young girls how women-supporting-women is done.

Is it possible that little old Barbie had the power to unite women all along? We’re thinking yes! Next time you have the chance to pay a compliment and make someone’s day, ask yourself, “What would Barbie do?”

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