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The Mesmerizing Way These Sound Effects From Classic Cartoons Are Made.

closeup of an elderly man playing a trumpet and a screenshot from mickey's trailer from 1938

You might think that pulling back the curtain on the magic of movie making would make it less magical, but in this case, we’re even more mesmerized!

Why? Because the way that sound effects are created is totally mind-blowing! Some of the sounds we hear come directly from what’s recorded on set or in the studio from voice actors. But much of what we hear, especially in animated movies, comes from the work of Foley artists.

For years, these talented individuals use all kinds of random objects to create everyday sounds you’d never guess they replicated with a balloon or an instrument. This technique is so great, in fact, that Foley artists still use them to this day, despite the fact that they have technology to aid them!

Watch a clip of Foley artists at work for classic Disney movies below and don’t forget to share.

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