Dad Snaps Pic Of Daughter With Matthew Broderick, Zooms In Later & Dies Laughing.

Spotting a celebrity out in public is always an exciting event, so sometimes keeping your cool isn’t easy.

One dad recently told an anecdote on Twitter about a friend of his who spotted a star while visiting Montauk, a small town on Long Island, New York. It started out as your standard “Hey, isn’t that guy a movie star” scenario, but then it evolved into the ultimate case of missing a huge opportunity, and now the internet can’t stop laughing!

It all started when this guy spotted actor Matthew Broderick at a store.


When faced with suddenly seeing and interacting with “Mr. Ferris Bueller” himself, this dad kind of panicked. After sneakily watching the star move around the store for a while, our hero mustered the courage to approach Matthew and ask him if he’d take a photo with his daughter. Shunning the Hollywood stereotype of stars being unapproachable, Matthew politely agreed to take a picture.


The thing is, Matthew was not alone in that market. He was with a friend, a gentleman who was about the same age as Matthew. The dad didn’t think much of it because he was so overwhelmed by seeing a real-life, honest-to-goodness celebrity. As he took the picture, he asked Matthew’s friend to please step back out of the frame. The guy did so; they took the pic, and everyone was happy.


Later, when the dad brought out his prized photograph to show off to his family, everybody burst out laughing. Why? Well, take a look for yourself:



The dude in the hat and sunglasses, the one who Dad nudged out of his picture… is none other than Jerry Seinfeld.


This ordinary Joe asked Jerry Seinfeld, perhaps one of the most celebrated comedians in Hollywood history, to get the heck out of his shot because he was totally ruining this photo of a kid with an actual celebrity.


Pardon me while I die laughing!  As you can imagine, the Twitter reaction was straight-up hilarious.


File this one under: best story ever! (Sorry, Seinfeld.)


If this made you laugh, don’t forget to share it with another Seinfeld (or Matthew Broderick) fan who would have done the same thing!

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