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Kayakers Rescue Struggling Wallaby From Surging Floodwaters

A man carries a wallaby out of floodwaters.

In the midst of dangerous flooding in Far North Queensland, Australia, three brave kayakers saved the life of a wallaby. The creature was struggling to swim against the deep water, and dry land was still very far away. Thankfully, a group of men in kayaks came to the wallaby’s rescue! One of the guys got out of his boat and plunged into the water so that he could grab hold of the animal. The surface came up to his shoulders!

Once the man was able to lift the wallaby out of the floodwater, he carried the creature to safety. Rather than struggle, the animal seemed content to hitch a ride with the human! Footage of the rescue shows the wallaby curling up in the man’s arms, waiting patiently to be released. Finally, the kayaker let the critter go in a much less flooded area.


Three men in kayaks have rescued a wallaby left paddling for its life in floodwaters near Cairns, as Far North Queensland continues to sustain extreme rainfall. #news #australia

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Some viewers pointed out that the wallaby’s reaction to being rescued was actually pretty funny. Once they were deposited on land, they didn’t scamper off. The animal just stood there, as though unsure of what to do next.

“It’s standing there like, ‘y’all gonna get me a towel or what?'” one commenter joked.

Another added, “Bro standing there like, ‘Is this going on YouTube? What’s your username?'”

A man carries a wallaby out of floodwaters.
Screengrab from TikTok

It takes a brave person to go after a drowning animal in the water. Good for these guys for rescuing that poor wallaby!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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