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Sneaky Husband Lies To Get Wife Home, When She Opens Door She Collapses In Happiness.

sneaky man smiling and woman shocked

A man named Bryce Jurgy just won “husband of the year” by pulling off the greatest surprise of all time for his wife, Nellie. Bryce and Nellie are the couple behind a popular vlog– the Jurgys— and love to entertain their followers with the everyday “adventures” they experience as a couple.

This past Christmas, Bryce uploaded a video of Nellie guessing what his Christmas present to her might be. In it, she jokingly asked “Is it a puppy??” Bryce knew she was kidding… but he also knew she really really wanted a little pup to love on! That’s when he formed a plan.

Unfortunately, Bryce couldn’t buy a puppy for Nellie because their landlord wouldn’t allow it. But– since they were getting their carpeting replaced with hardwood– Bryce talked the landlord into allowing puppies in the house for one day before the floors were replaced.

“Bryce posted on Facebook asking for as many puppies as possible and blocked Nellie from seeing the post,” reads the description of the video below. “He found Puppies for Rent and filled their house with puppies!”

Puppies for Rent is a service that take puppies who don’t have homes and allows families to play with them so that puppies get socialized and become more likely to be adopted.

To keep it a surprise, Bryce called Nellie and told her he needed something out of her car.

“This is the only time it’s okay to lie to your wife, right?” he says to the camera as he calls Nellie.


He even worked out the plan with Nellie’s boss! Her boss helped him come up with a plan to get Nellie to leave work and planned on her missing for part of the day.

The plan went off without a hitch! When Nellie walked into the room she had the greatest reaction to the surprise, saying “This is the best thing of my life!” and “I have the best husband in the whole world!”

Nice job, Bryce!


After the surprise, Bryce jokes that if their video gets 10,000 likes they’ll have to get a puppy… As of today, the video has over 50,000! Hopefully Bryce can convince his landlord to let them have a puppy after all.

Watch the adorable surprise below and share!

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