The Cutest Turkey Videos To Add A Little Gobble To Your Day!

turkey sitting in someone's lap

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s not just about the feast but also about the fun and adorable side of these festive birds. Turkeys aren’t just for the dinner table — they can be stars in their own right! From highway dances to unexpected friendships, these videos showcase turkeys in a light you might never have seen before. Let’s dive into some of the cutest turkey videos that are sure to add a little gobble and a lot of giggle to your day.


1. Hugging it out with a feathered friend

We recently shared a heartwarming story of a little girl and her unusual best friend – a turkey. This adorable toddler doesn’t hesitate to share a big, loving hug with her feathery companion, proving that friendships come in all shapes and sizes.

2. Highway to the feather zone

Imagine driving down the highway only to come across a turkey in full performance mode. This turkey isn’t shy about showing off its magnificent feathers, spinning around as if it’s the star of its own roadshow.

3. Pumpkin’s solo

Ever wondered what a turkey hen sounds like? Well, here’s Pumpkin, a female turkey who’s all about vocal prowess without any extra frills.

In case any of you wanted to hear what a female turkey hen sounds like. No extra music, no texts, just pumpkin and all her glory ♥️ my neice named this Turkey #ourlittlebigfarm #ourlittlebigfarmbc #viralvideo #hobbyfarm #animalsoftiktok #turkeysoftiktok #cuteanimals #pumpkintheturkey

♬ original sound – Our.Little.Big.Farm

4. Lap turkey loves cuddles

Not all turkeys are about strutting and gobbling. Here’s one that defies the norms by jumping onto laps for some affection.


Ya gotta get yourself a lap turkey. (Watch to the end for maximum cute.) #turkeysoftiktok #turkeys #farmlife #lapturkey

♬ Wait a Minute! – WILLOW

5. Wings wide, hearts open

The way this turkey approaches a human, wings spread wide, and then leans in for a hug —ct’s a touching moment that reminds us of the gentle, loving nature that animals can exhibit.


All this turkey wanted was a BIG HUG! 🤗 Tag someone you wish you could hug now!💕 #freehugs #hugs #turkeyhunting #turkeyanimal #cute #fyp #foryou

♬ Past Life – Trevor Daniel

These delightful videos show us that turkeys are not only Thanksgiving icons but also creatures capable of amusing antics and heartwarming interactions. Have you ever experienced a memorable moment with a turkey or another unexpected animal friend? Share your stories and spread the joy of these feathered entertainers!

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