The Cutest “Cash” Withdrawal: Firefighters Rescue Kitten Stuck In ATM.

It’s not everyday that the ATM starts meowing at you while you’re trying to withdraw your money!

That’s exactly what happened at an outdoor ATM in Fort Smith, Arkansas. People heard the kitten’s desperate cries for help and called the Fort Smith Fire Department. Once they got the machine open, a tiny gray tabby cat was discovered trapped inside.

No one knows how exactly the kitten got inside the machine, but he was unharmed aside from being dehydrated, hungry, and a little bit “spicy” according to the Fort Smith Animal Haven.

They decided to call him Cash, fittingly, and he will eventually go into a foster home before being officially adopted.

“This is actually my first experience with a cat getting stuck in an ATM,” said Ashley Deane, a vet tech at Fort Smith Animal Haven. “You know, I never thought that somebody would be able to go up and make a withdrawal and get a cat out instead of some cash, so now we have both.”

Authorities assume the kitten was seeking shade due to a heat wave the area is experiencing. The little guy weighed just under a pound, so he’ll stay at the veterinary practice until he’s big and strong enough to go into foster care.

“He’s a little spicy just ’cause he’s scared, which is typical and it’s gonna happen,” Ashley explained. “Generally, after a couple of days with our handlers caring for them, they become less spicy and just a little bit mild so they can come a little bit more workable.”

Cash is already starting to warm up to staff members, turning into a “huge purr box” whenever someone cuddles him. Once he’s vaccinated and neutered he’ll make a wonderful addition to someone’s home, even if he did get off to a rather strange start!

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