The Cutest (And Goodest) Airport Therapy Dogs Making Travel More Fun!

airport dog

Traveling can often be a stressful experience, but airports around the world are deploying a secret weapon to ease traveler’s anxieties — therapy dogs! These furry friends not only bring smiles to weary travelers’ faces, but they also provide a unique and heartwarming touch to the journey. From playful antics to their calming presence, these dogs are making a huge difference. Here’s a look at some of the most adorable and commendable therapy dogs at airports, whose sole mission is to make your travel experience a tad bit lighter and a whole lot happier.

1. Jett’s playful airport welcome.

dog wearing vest with nose between man's legs

This therapy dog, Jett, wearing a vest, greets travelers in the most charming way by playfully putting his head through their legs.

2. A “Good Girl” blocking the boarding gate.

dog with "pet me" vest

Here’s a therapy dog that knows how to capture hearts! Dressed in a “PET ME” vest, this adorable pooch has a habit of eating things off the floor and demands belly rubs, even if it means blocking the boarding gate.

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