“That’s Your Car, Mr. Joe.” Students Leave Janitor Who Walks To Work Speechless.

a man called mr. joe holding a key to his new truck as he stands outside, blindfolded. two high school students stand next to him. one has his hand on mr. joe’s shoulder and the other is untying his blindfold.

Every single day for the past four years, Mr. Joe has walked to and from the school he works at as a janitor.


During that time, students couldn’t help but notice. It would have made sense for these high schoolers to think there wasn’t anything they could do, but this janitor had made such a positive impact on their lives that they had to at least try.

Working together, this loving group of graduating seniors was able to collect enough money to buy him his very own new truck! Best of all, Mr. Joe had absolutely no idea what they had in store when they took him outside, with a blindfold on, and revealed a gift that truly showed just how much he means to them.

“Mr. Joe, we appreciate all of your hard work,” one of the seniors said. “Us students came together … we’re graduating this year, and we just wanted to show you our appreciation so you never have to walk again.”

As you can imagine, Mr. Joe was speechless! What a thoughtful, generous way for these students to help out someone who always went above and beyond.

Watch these kindhearted students reveal their life-changing surprise for Mr. Joe below, and don’t forget to share.

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