From Crying To Grinning: This Guy’s Infectious Smile Is Stealing Kiddos’ Hearts!

toddler reacting to borzah yankey's infectious smile.

There is nothing more pure than a child’s smile, but bringing out that smile isn’t always easy.

Some adults will try doing funny faces, silly voices, or even weird noises. In other words, they do whatever it takes to get their frown to turn upside down. Borzah Yankey of Canada, on the other hand, doesn’t need to try hard at all.

Borzah’s infectious smile has garnered him millions of likes and followers on TikTok and YouTube combined. He has dozens of videos where he shows off his wide and bright smile and challenges people not to smile back. There’s something about his facial expression that it is impossible to resist — he just has one of those contagious smiles!

Although not all of his videos are child-friendly, there is one in particular that kiddos especially love. Parents all around the globe have been showing their little ones react to this video and, we must say, the results have turned out to be one of the most adorable things on the planet. Borzah even manages to turn a kid’s cry into a grin!

His infallible secret? Borzah starts off his videos with a blank expression then slowly builds to a large smile. We don’t know what it is about this technique, but it seems quite impossible not to smile back.

Watch a compilation of adorable kiddos reacting to Borzah’s infectious smile below, and don’t forget to share.

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