Thanksgiving Surprise: Family Gifts Father Car He Had To Sell 15 Yrs Ago.

A man stands with his back toward an Edsel car with a giant red bow on top. He has a paper in his hand, and he looks surprised. Text on the image shows what he is saying: "I got my Edsel back?"

As an adult, it can be amazing to learn about the countless sacrifices our loved ones made for us while we were growing up. For the man in this video, a sacrifice he made was selling his most prized possession: A vintage Edsel. This happened 15 years ago now, making this dad a Papaw now, too. He had no doubt accepted that he would never see his beloved car again, but little did he know his family had a surprise.

The family of the previous owner, who had passed away, reached out — they knew how much the Edsel meant to the man and that he always wanted it back one day. Secretly, his family got the car back just in time for the best Thanksgiving surprise.

A man leans down as a little girl hands him a piece of paper. Another child stands nearby. They're outside.

The grandkids got involved, each of them holding a sign that, all together, read “Can we go for a ride, Papaw?”

From the moment he laid eyes on his Edsel, a look of disbelief took over. He remained stunned as he slowly walked around the car, getting a closer look.

“Is this a dream or what?” he said, shaking his head.

Watch this hardworking dad get his dream car back on Thanksgiving in the wholesome video below.

@surfsupfinds What one person is ready to discard, another is ready to treasure. Such a great Thanksgiving memory with family. #vintagecar #thankful #thanksgiving #birthdaysurprise #sacrifice #familytreasure ♬ original sound – SurfsUpFinds

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