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Terrified Puppy Abandoned On Street Will “Never Feel Fear Again” Thanks To Rescuers.

dog abandoned by hydrant in CA, then in car being rescued.

Working in animal rescue often means seeing the worst of humanity. From abuse to neglect and abandonment, these selfless shelter workers have seen it all.

No matter how many times Suzette Hall of Irvine, California has rescued an animal, she never gets over the casual cruelty some people display toward unwanted pets. When she lost her own “angel” dog, she started Logan’s Legacy to help other pets in need.

Suzette recently received a phone call about a small dog, possibly a puppy, that had been abandoned on a street known as a “dumping ground” for unwanted animals. This wasn’t the first time she’d been called to this street. Since she was too far to help on this day, she called a friend who lives nearby to get there as soon as possible.

When Suzette’s friend Rosario Ortiz arrived, she found a tiny dachshund mix curled in a tight ball, her leash firmly tied to a bright yellow fire hydrant. Someone had left food and water for the dog, but the puppy was too terrified to eat or drink.

Rosario ignored the dog’s plaintive growls and gathered her up in a blanket, placing her gently into her car’s back seat for a trip to Suzette’s veterinarian. Once she was safe, the puppy began to fade quickly from dehydration and exhaustion.

“She got so sick in the car,” Suzette said. “We think it was from fear and lack of food and water since she was too scared to eat the food they’d left.”

Once she got some fluid at Camino Pet Hospital, the puppy made a dramatic recovery. As soon as she perked up, her adorable and sweet personality could finally shine!

“We have named her Cici,” Suzette updated her Facebook page, adding, “She is feeling so much better. She has been observed at my vet and she is doing great. Just a puppy, 8 months. She was throwing up from fear and not eating we believe. But this sweet baby girl will never feel fear again, And won’t ever be abandoned tied to a fire hydrant EVER again.”

After winning hearts at the vet’s office, Cici has been cleared for foster care and will soon leave the clinic for her new life. Suzette and her fellow rescuers vow to find her the perfect family to love her and treat her with the respect all living creatures deserve!

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