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“Happiness Is A Warm Puppy.” Meet Bayley, The Real-Life Dog Who Looks Like Snoopy!

Charlie Brown and Snoopy plus Bayley the dog

It’s extremely rare for all the good people of the internet to agree on, well, just about anything… but we think we’ve found something!

In just one week, the Instagram page for a mini sheepadoodle named Bayley gained hundreds of thousands of new followers thanks to the pup’s incredible resemblance to a certain cartoon canine. Everyone, say hello to Bayley, the 1-year-old dog who looks just like Snoopy!

Be still our hearts! With their white fluffy fur and that dark black nose and matching ears, Bayley is a dead ringer for Charlie Brown’s perennial BFF. Snoopy may be a beagle in the famous comic strip by Charles Schultz, but it turns out that mixing an old English sheepdog with a miniature poodle and creating a mini sheepadoodle is the perfect recipe for cloning his iconic look.

The internet at large learned of this adorable doppelgänger when an Instagram account called Doodle Dogs Club shared a series of photos comparing Bayley to Joe Cool, himself.

When Bayley’s humans popped up in the comments to say howdy, people flocked to give Bayley’s own page a like, too. Now, Bayley has more than 300,000 fans, with more joining the Peanuts character’s lookalike’s page each day.

Fans of the long-running cartoon know Snoopy conveys a lot of thoughts and emotions without ever speaking a word. Coincidentally, so does Bayley! Will the similarities never end?

When Snoopy isn’t working on his novel, (remember, “It was a dark and stormy night?”) he’s donning his flight gear as the Flying Ace and battling the Red Baron from atop his dog house. He’s got a few different personas, too, including the aforementioned “big dog on campus,” Joe Cool. But above all, Snoopy’s biggest role is best friend to Charlie Brown, the “round-headed kid” who feeds and cares for him.

There’s no word yet on whether Bayley has hobbies or interests comparable to Snoopy’s, but we’ll keep you posted!

Now that we’ve found the real-life Snoopy, our only question is where’s Woodstock? We know he’s out there somewhere, and we can’t wait to meet him, too. (Finally, something we can all agree on.)

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