Renegade Calf Escapes Down Highway, Cowboy Hops On Police Car To Chase Him Down.

cowboy on cop car hood chasing cow

When a young calf got loose in the middle of a Tennessee highway, officers were at a loss for what to do. No attempt to herd the little one with their cruisers was successful, so Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew decided to call in a favor to an old friend.

Belew enlisted the help of his friend, local rancher David Bevill, to collect the offending calf from the roadway. Bevill’s horses were back at the ranch, too far from the area to lasso the calf in the traditional way, so Belew and Bevill decided to Macgyver the situation the best way they knew how. Whether it knew or not, this calf was in danger and needed the help of some good hearted humans. 

Belew drove out to Bevill’s ranch to pick him up and raced back out to the highway to take care of business. Instead of trying to lasso the calf from an open window, Bevill hopped atop Belew’s police cruiser like only a 21st century cowboy would… boots, hat and all.

“Alright folks I’ve got David Bevill on the front of my patrol car, we got a calf out in the middle of the highway, we’re fixing to rope him right here,” Belew said in the video.

The officer drove alongside the renegade calf as Bevill readied his lasso, and the result was absolutely genius.

Check it out in the video below!

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