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“Telling All My Brothers I Need $100 With No Explanation”

A father and five adult sons standing outdoors and smiling.

One woman decided to test her five brothers by asking them each for $100 over text. Their wholesome responses really surprised her! Kate Udall shared the sweetest post on social media showing off how wonderful her siblings are. In her slideshow, she included screenshots of all their replies.

Each brother received the same text message, which read “(Brother’s name) I need to borrow $100, I’ll tell you why tomorrow.”

The first response that Kate shared was from Stetson, who immediately agreed to give her the money without hesitation. He just had one question.

“Cash or card?” he asked.

A text conversation between a brother and sister.
Screengrab from TikTok

Next came Trevor’s reply to his sister’s request. A little more tech-savvy, this brother was eager to send her the $100 via Venmo. Again, there were no reservations on his part!

Ryan outdid the other siblings with his response, though. When Kate asked him for $100, this brother bumped up the total to $200. What a sweetheart!

A text from a sister to her brother asking for $100.
Screengrab from TikTok

Rulon wasn’t quite as generous. Although he had no qualms about giving his sister the money, he wouldn’t do it for free. He demanded some homemade salsa in return!

Finally, Kate shared Jeremy’s response. He also agreed to send her $100.

As it turns out, her brothers are pretty darn generous!

This sister was touched by her siblings’ reactions to her request! She had no idea that all five of her brothers would be so willing to give her $100 without requiring so much as an explanation.

“My brothers are nicer than I thought,” she added in her caption.

A father and five adult sons standing outdoors and smiling.
Screengrab from TikTok

Kate’s post about her generous siblings received over four million views! However, commenters weren’t just struck by the kindness of these young men. A few users noticed from the photos that these brothers were… well, let’s just say not hard on the eyes!

“Do you need a sister-in-law?” one person asked.

“I need to borrow Trevor,” joked another. “I’ll tell you why tomorrow.”

A third added, “Do any of them need a wife?”

Unfortunately, we’re not sure if these men are on the market. Besides, they seem like they have their hands full as it is!

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