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Daughter Asks Dying Mom What She Wants Her To Remember After She’s Gone & Her Answer Has Us Bawling

A mom and daughter wearing pink pajamas sharing an emotional moment.

A content creator on social media has the internet in tears as she documents her last moments with her mom, who is dying from stage 4 cancer. In one particularly heartbreaking video, Samantha Aimes-Costa recorded a beautiful conversation from a girl’s night in with her mother. Wearing matching pajamas and spa headbands, the two women got settled for a cozy chat on the couch. However, Samantha had a really important question for her mom.

“What’s one thing you always want me to remember after you’re gone?” she asked.

The first part of her mother’s answer was simple, but it made her daughter immediately burst into tears.

“How much I love you,” she responded.

Mom also had some beautiful words for her daughter that she needed to impart before dying. She really wanted Samantha to know that she’d always be with her.

“And even though you can’t see me, I’m in your heart,” the woman told her daughter. “And if you ever question anything, just stand still for a minute and listen and it’ll come to you. We’re together in our hearts. They can never take that away.”

If you’re not crying yet, you will be when you hear this dying mom talk about how much she wants to remain with her loved ones.

“I don’t wanna go,” she said, with tears in her eyes. “I want another twenty years of sass. Look at me. I should still be climbing my mountains.”

A mom and daughter wearing pink pajamas sharing an emotional moment.
Screengrab from Instagram

Although saying goodbye will not be easy for these two women, they’re still so glad to have had such a wonderful relationship with one another.

“I’ve always been so lucky that you’re always there,” Samantha told her mother. “I could always call you. I know you’re always in my corner.”

Losing a parent is one of the most horrible things a person can go through. We hope that Samantha and her mom get as much time together as possible while they can.

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