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People Are Telling Their Dogs Stories Using Their Favorite Words And It’s Adorable.

If you’ve ever spent time around dogs, you know they’re incredibly smart and perceptive animals. In fact, experts say the average pup can understand about 165 human words!

That’s why many pet owners resort to using code words or spelling out things like “walk” and “treat” around their dogs. They just get so excited when they hear their favorite phrases! This adorable phenomenon is so common that these canines have inspired our new favorite TikTok trend!


Tell your dog a story… wait for it. Lol. #fyp #foru #tiktok #follow

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“Tell your dog a story” began trending on the social media platform in August and instantly inspired millions of pet parents to film their pups responding to words like “tennis ball” and “outside.”

The resulting looks of enthusiasm, curiosity, and joy are enough to melt anyone’s heart!

One of the most popular posts belongs to Kaitlyn Daughtry, the proud mom of two pit bulls named Mila and Huxley.

In a video, we see her fur babies lounging around when she asks them a very important question using all their favorite words.

“Guess what?” she says. “Yesterday I went for a ride to grandma’s house, and when I got to grandma’s house I showed her all the new dog toys I got…. And then after I went for a walk to the dog park….”

Just look at their faces! Every time their mom used one of those magic buzzwords, they sat up a little straighter and their eyes lit up with interest. They were totally on board for this imaginary trip! Perhaps that’s because grandma has been known to spoil them every now and then.

“She’s clearly the favorite,” Kaitlyn told The Dodo. “She brings personalized bags with their names on it, every time, with toys and treats in them.”

“I thought it was the cutest ever!” Kaitlyn added. “It was so hard not to laugh when I was telling the story.”

We can’t help agreeing! And it looks like people around the world are having similar experiences.

This trend may be the cutest yet! Good luck getting anything past these smart doggos.

Watch Huxley and Mila respond to their favorite story in the video below, and don’t forget to share the joy with your friends.

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