Mom Too Scared To Open Door, Then Looks At Camera & Sees Teen Waving $1500 Cash.

These days, a knock on the door can mean trouble.


There was a time when leaving your house unlocked was the norm, but now that’s not the common condition. So when Melissa Vang was home alone with her two young daughters, a knock on her door sent her running to check the security cameras.


But what she saw there surprised her.

Standing on her doorstep was a teenage boy she’d never seen in the neighborhood before. As Vang he watched the live footage from her security camera, the young man waved a wallet stuffed with cash in view of the camera, set it down on the front porch, and walked away.


Vang cautiously opened her front door and retrieved the wallet only to realize it was her husband’s – bursting with hundreds of dollars in cash and a slew of credit cards.

The thankful woman ran after the young man, named Tyler Opdyke, to thank him for his kind deed. Apparently, Tyler was passing out flyers in the neighborhood and spotted the wallet, which was dropped by Vang’s husband, sitting in the driveway.


For the young man, the decision to return the wallet was an easy one. He spoke with a local news station after Vang’s video went viral on social media, “I’ve been raised in the Church all my life and I just felt this is not mine.â€

Vang was ‘so lost in the moment’ while thanking the young man for his kindness that she forgot to reward him, but thanks to the flyers that Opdyke left around the neighborhood she was able to contact and bless the young man for his honesty.

Check out the moment Opdyke pulls off his stunning act of kindness in the video below! It’s sure wonderful to know there are so many good people left in the world.

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