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Girl Starts Period On Bus But Older Boy’s Quick Thinking Has Mom Cheering.

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Teenage boys get a lot of guff in our society, but not all of it is deserved. With the right guidance at home, teens can make surprisingly mature decisions that would make any parent proud.

One mom recently took to a mom Facebook group to share a story of a teenage boy whose kindness and quick-thinking saved her daughter from the sort of teasing that could scar a kid for life. It all started when her daughter got her period unexpectedly while riding the bus home from school.

kids on school bus

All women know that periods are unpredictable things. While adults learn to stay prepared at all times just in case their monthly visitor arrives early, teenage girls are still figuring things out and can often be caught unaware. Such was the case with this woman’s daughter.

She might not have even noticed that her flow had started as she took her seat on the bus, but luckily for her, the eagle-eyed boy behind her saw the telltale red spot on her pants right away.

Here’s the part of the story where a lot of immature boys might have taken the opportunity to torment the girl, pointing and laughing over the stain. Thankfully, this boy is being raised to treat others as he¬†wishes to be treated, so instead of mocking her, he stepped up to help her out.


Leaning close to her, the boy whispered that she had a spot on the back of her pants. Not only that, but he offered to lend her his sweater to tie around her waist so that no one else would see the stain. She initially demurred, but the boy insisted, telling her, “I have sisters, it’s all good!”

The girl took him up on his offer and got home without anyone being the wiser about what could have been a devastating social situation. When her mom heard how kind and mature the boy had been, she took to the internet to praise him for his actions.

period facebook post

If you are this boy’s Mom.. I want to say thank you and that you are raising him right!! We hear so many bad things about today’s youth, and I wanted to share something positive!

We’re so glad she took the time to say thank you to this young man. On behalf of women everywhere, thank you, young man.


This is just another example of good people doing good things. It’s happening out there every day! Let’s all make an effort to keep that kindness going whenever we see an opportunity to help someone out of a potentially embarrassing situation.

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