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Teen With Cerebral Palsy Has Sweetest Freakout With Twin Over Harvard Acceptance.

People often maintain that twins share a special bond unlike any other sibling relationship. Some folks even believe twins can feel one another’s joy and pain. Given such a deep connection, it only stands to reason that the happiness of one twin is bound to affect the other.

When it comes to the Mylenski twins, that’s certainly true. Magdalena is thrilled to celebrate the remarkable accomplishment of her brother, Matthew. In fact, she may be even more stoked than him!

A TikTok video showcasing Matthew’s acceptance to Harvard has gone viral after garnering millions of views, and it’s easy to understand why. Matthew and Magdalena are beyond ecstatic to receive the good news. Clearly, these two have each other’s back at every turn.

“I get so excited every time I get to talk about it because Matthew has worked so hard for this,” Magdalena later shared.

Matthew was born with cerebral palsy and has pushed himself both mentally and physically to achieve this level of success. One of the top 10 students at The Woodstock Academy, Matthew is no stranger to discipline and academic rigor.

The most difficult part of heading to Harvard in the fall may just be the impending separation between Matthew and Magdalena. Their close relationship, however, will remain intact. According to Magdalena, she will continue to help her brother with proofreading essays, just as he continues to assist her in science as she goes to college herself. What an incredible team!

Watch this sweet reaction as the Mylenski twins discover the good news, and remember to share with a friend!

@thewoodstockacademy I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying! 😭 Senior Magda Myslenski shared this video of her twin brother, Matthew, finding out he was ACCEPTED TO HARVARD! Congratulations Matthew! 🎉 You make us so proud. Two wonderful human beings right here! â¤ï¸ Now, please pass the tissues. 🤧 #collegeacceptance #accepted #harvard #reactionvideos ♬ original sound – thewoodstockacademy

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