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Teen Smuggles Family Dog To College, But Mom’s Response Is Not What He Expected.

When Sean left for college last year, he realized he just couldn’t leave without his puppy dog, Willy. The 7-year-old miniature Shetland Collie had been Sean’s pal all through high school, and the thought of parting with the pup was just too much. The then 18-year-old decided to try and take his best friend to college that year, but his parents stopped him before he made it out the door. He’s not the first to try and bend the rules and who can blame him for trying? Dogs are just the best!

The year came and went, but this Christmas break, the temptation to bring his buddy back to school proved too much. Sean decided to attempt the great puppy heist one last time.

Though last year’s attempt was unsuccessful, his parents didn’t seem too upset. So he decided to give it another shot.

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    “After last year I got the feeling from them it wasn’t too big of a deal,”Sean said.

    This time around, Sean planned to keep his pup with him for a week before returning Willy to his parent’s home.

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