No One Asked Teen To Prom, But Mom’s Brilliant Solution Has Internet Cheering.

Shopping with your girlfriends to find the perfect dress and shoes, getting pedicures and manicures, getting your hair is swept into a stylish updo… It’s all part of the high school prom experience!

But what’s a girl to do when she has the perfect dress, neatly lacquered nails, and coiffed hair but no date?! That’s the situation Ivana Bozic found herself in as the date of her high school prom neared, and her mom was not going to let that happen. All dressed up with nowhere to go? Not on her watch.

So Mom came up with a plan.



“I told my mom I didn’t have a prom date so she ordered my dog a tux on Amazon,” Ivana Brozic posted on Twitter in early May. The tweet quickly went viral.


If these two weren’t voted King and Queen, I call for a redo.


This isn’t the first time Ivana’s little four-legged buddy came to the rescue. He not only stood in as her prom date – no doubt the most adorable date in her school’s entire history – but when she gets too stressed out, all she has to do is look at her phone.


“When I’m away for mock trial tournaments my mom sends me updates of my dog to calm me down & that’s what matters.”

What a good dog.


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