Wife Gets Dementia, Forgets Everyone But Her Husband Of 65 Yrs.

"True love is knowing a person's faults, and loving them even more for them." No couple knows each other better than 90-year-old Harold and 89-year-old Ruby Coleman. Way back in 2012 they celebrated theirr 60th wedding anniversary, and photographer Megan Vaughan was there to capture the essence of their relationship. On her blog she wrote, "A while back, I got a phone call from a lovely woman named Cindy. She explained to me that her parents’ 60th wedding anniversary was coming up and she wanted some pictures done for them. The photoshoot was 5 years ago, but now Ruby and Harold are back, and better together than ever. According to their daughter Cindy, their relationship is founded in their faith, held together by their friendship and nurtured by constant companionship... the aging duo do everything together. Harold is a retired building contractor and Ruby was a stay at home mom with five kids, who helped Harold in whatever he was doing, according to Cindy. Over the last decade, Ruby has started to forget things. It started with small things and led to forgetting how to wash dishes and drive... but in all of her forgetfulness, Ruby has never forgotten Harold. Cindy and her siblings wanted their legacy to be remembered as Ruby's mother continues to fade, so they hired Megan again to make it happen. "To see their love and how they've endured these years together, it's just really something to strive for," Megan said. After 65 years of marriage, it's clear the Ruby and Harold are more in love than ever before. "Harold is the exact same as I remember him," Megan wrote on a new blog post from the end of June. "Sadly, Ruby’s dementia has worsened. She didn’t remember me or the last time we took pictures together." But, despite her dementia, Megan wrote that Ruby still recognizes Harold, "you can see it in her eyes," she wrote. The results of the two photo sessions were everything they ever wanted. "Especially the ones with the Bibles, because that's how I often remember mama and daddy, before I would get ready to go to bed, mama would be in here on her knees and daddy was in the room on his knees," said their daughter, Sandy Carr. The Colemans credit their success, in marriage and in life, to their faith. Harold said the key to a long and happy marriage is to be true to one another and then do things together, staying best friends. "I would drive the tractor and she'd drive the combine, we would go to the barn and milk the cows together, whatever it was we did it together," Harold said What a wonderful illustration of true love. We hope that Harold and Ruby have many more wonderful years together. Share and spread the love!
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