Teen Jumps Out Of Car To Save Woman In Wheelchair Stuck On Train Tracks With Seconds To Spare.

A two-photo collage. The first shows Lilly Baker smiling as she stands near a train tracks. The second image shows a train from the tracks where Lilly rescued an elderly woman.

While everyone else went about their day as usual, this 18-year-old girl saw a stranger in need and took action. Lilly Baker was driving to meet up with some friends when an elderly woman in a wheelchair caught her eye. The woman was attempting to cross a train track but got stuck — without hesitating, Lilly stopped to rescue her. Little did she know, however, that doing so would lead to a close call for them both.

With all of her might, Lilly does her best to pull the elderly woman to safety — but she faces difficulties. In fact, in their attempt for freedom, they end up falling twice. Still, Lilly remains determined. She gets an added rush of this determination when she sees a train coming right at them.

Train from the tracks where Lilly Baker rescues an elderly woman.

“He was honking his horn and the lights started flashing,” Lilly recalls. “I was like, ‘Oh no, we gotta go now!'”

Soon after, Lilly manages to pull her and the woman out of harms way… and not by much. Had they been much closer to the train, it’s possible that neither of them would have made it.

Train Track Rescue Narrowly Gets a Happy Ending

Lilly Baker looks down as she points to the train tracks where she rescued an elderly woman stuck in a wheelchair.

“It’s a near-death experience, and I’ve never really been that close to death,” Lilly says. “[The railroad company] told me that I was 18 inches away from getting hit by the train, and that in itself gave me the chills. I almost started crying.”

Ardmore Police Chief Jereme Robison was sent to the scene to help. Despite his experience, even he is shocked by the harrowing rescue. He’s taking this moment to highlight the fact that anyone can be a hero, no matter who they are.

“Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes,” Jereme says. “You don’t have to be a 6’5 guy that’s muscled up to get out and do something.”

Lilly Baker smiles as she stands near a train tracks.

The elderly woman that Lilly saved has major leg injuries but, thankfully, she’s in the hospital and is expected to be okay. As for the teen herself, she couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to help someone. It’s no wonder she plans to pursue a career in nursing.

“I’d tell [the woman] that I’m thankful for her,” Lilly shares. “She doesn’t have to be thankful for me because I’m grateful for her.”

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