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Teen Crochets Her Own Prom Dress & The Result Is Beyond Stunning

A young woman crocheting with pink yarn.

When this teen had a haute couture dress in mind for prom, she decided to crochet it herself! Boston resident Sarah Akinbuwa is going viral online for creating a gorgeous, handcrafted gown in just three days. According to her, the materials cost her $60 — much less than a designer outfit! However, the project took a lot of work.

“POV: crocheting my prom dress because it only cost $60 but also cost no sleeping for days,” Sarah wrote in one of her social media posts.

You might be wondering why this crafty teen waited until just days before prom to crochet an entire dress. Well, as the young woman told People, she got a last-minute invitation to the dance at someone else’s school. Having a date but nothing to wear, Sarah decided to get creative.

“I had to make a dress by hand,” she said.

Sarah modeled her prom dress after a designer gown.

Her inspiration was an iconic Valentino gown worn by Zendaya at the 2023 SAG Awards. In another post, Sarah shared some footage of the dress that prompted her to crochet a similar look for prom. The actress looked beautiful in the pink strapless number decorated with a cascade of roses around the trailing skirt.


If i had more time i would have made alot of roses but it turned out great!☺️💕#blackgirlcrochet #fypage #fyp #crochetaddiction #fypシ゚viral #crochettok #pink

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When Sarah finally made her public debut in her crocheted prom dress, everyone was completely awed. Videos of her creating and wearing the gown have received millions of views and many positive comments.

“My friends loved the dress and I got tons of compliments,” she told People.

In one of her clips, the 18-year-old was filming herself modeling the dress in the bathroom mirror when she started getting attention from fellow prom-goers. Other women started gushing over the unique garment, and they were even more impressed when they found out that Sarah made it herself!

It just goes to show that you don’t need a designer gown to turn heads. This talented young woman’s crocheted prom dress will probably be talked about for years to come!

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