“This Is Normal, Too.” Zendaya And Tom Holland Perfectly Address Their Height Difference.

tom holland looking up and smiling at zendaya on the red carpet premiere of "spider-man: no way home"

Tom Holland and Zendaya are speaking out for all the short men and tall women of the world, and we are 100 percent here for it.

These talented actors are back together again as Peter Parker and Michelle (MJ) in the recently released “Spider-Man: No Way Home,”a movie where their characters are dating one another. Fans around the world love the adorable couple (both in their movies and in real life), and part of the reason why is because they know what actually matters in life.

At 5 feet, 10 inches, Zendaya is just a bit taller than Holland, who stands at 5 feet, 8 inches. Although the distance between them is small, they’ve garnered quite a lot of attention for it, especially after their kiss in their previous film, “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

The height difference between a couple doesn’t matter at all, but unfortunately, the stereotype that women need to be shorter than the men they date is still far too prevalent. This fact was brought up in a recent interview with the actors, and Holland was quick to acknowledge that “it’s a stupid assumption” that their height difference would be an issue.

“You’d have to ask [director] Jon Watts this question, but every girl that we tested for both roles was taller than me. I wonder whether that was a decision Jon had made … To be fair, I am quite short,” Holland said. “So maybe that was a decision Jon Watts made and something he was aware of and wanted to break the stereotype. I think it’s great.”

Intentional or not, the iconic kiss between Peter and MJ was so great, in part, because they didn’t try and “cheat” their height difference, something that happens surprisingly often in movies.

As someone who has always viewed height differences between romantic partners as insignificant, Zendaya is happy to play a part in breaking this problematic view.

“This is normal, too,” Zendaya said. “My mom is taller than my dad. I honestly never thought of it as a thing because my parents were always that way, so I didn’t know that people cared. I had no construct of it.”

Although the goal is to reach a point where discussions like this aren’t even needed, in the meantime, fans around the world couldn’t be more excited for this lovable duo.

We absolutely adore the way Holland and Zendaya are helping normalize women being taller than their male significant others, even when the man is an iconic superhero.

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