Famous Opera Singers Team Up To Surprise Conference With Epic Flash Mob.

When we imagine operas, we think of dressing up and attending formal events, but that’s not what happened at TEDx Río de la Plata in Argentina.

As the conference attendees were going about their business in 2013, they suddenly heard the music for “El Brindis de la Traviata” come on over the speakers.


In a video of the unique scene, we see everyone in the convention center looking around in confusion when, seemingly out of nowhere, professional opera singer Emmanuel Faraldo takes over the venue.

What makes this appearance so great is that he’s dressed like everyone else. He’s even wearing the same entry pass around his neck!


While everyone is distracted by his gorgeous voice, soprano singer Laura Sangiorgio casually strolls through the crowd and up a staircase join him in a duet.


The best part is their performance isn’t a duet at all! Much to the surprise of their unsuspecting audience, there’s a whole chorus of people scattered throughout the crowd who are waiting to create a flash mob. They slowly emerge to provide backup vocals as a talented conductor leads everyone through the challenging song.

What was once a typical TEDx event quickly becomes an operatic treasure — only this one doesn’t have a mandatory dress code or required seating.


This venue turned out to be the perfect place to produce the same breathtaking quality that we’d expect in an actual opera house! In fact, it was so successful that many of these lucky convention attendees were probably converted into full-blown fans.

Watch the stunning performance in the video below, and don’t forget to share this musical masterpiece with your friends.

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