Too Cute: “Ferocious” Puppy Takes Down Suspect In Adorable K9 Training Session

Puppy K9 Training can be intense. Here a puppy helps secure a "criminal" while his human partner makes the arrest.

Dogs aren’t just labeled as “K9 Police Dogs” and plopped into a patrol car. Depending on the type of service the dog is training for, they may be “in training” for several years. Training begins with basic obedience training when the dog is a puppy. As a dog passes each round of training, they advance to the next level. They may “flunk out” at any stage and be placed for a normal adoption. While training is intense and purposeful, Epoch Inspired posted an unofficial puppy k9 training video on X (Twitter), which is hilarious. (Warning: censored swearing in the footage below.)

The puppy k9 training footage begins with a heavily padded “thief” leaving a garage carrying a small bat. The sirens blare, and the police car pulls up next to the suspect (after driving an astonishing 20 feet during the pursuit). The officer jumps out of the driver’s side as the rear passenger door swings open. Our puppy K9 officer-in-training swings right into action.

A puppy K9 in training jumps out of a vehicle to catch the assailant.
Image from X (Twitter).

It only took seconds for the puppy to catch up to the “thief.” Applying jaw pressure with a bite to the calf, he took the assailant down.

Tackling the assailant with a bite to the calf muscle.
Image from X (Twitter).

And this is where the video becomes hilarious. Due to the size disparity, the little puppy K9 officer-in-training needed a little help from the “thief.” Our assailant dutifully screamed out in a loud voice and did an unconvincing fake fall to the ground. He rolled on his back and kicked his legs into the air in a very dramatic manner. This allowed our little puppy K9 to get on top of him, and he continued screaming and rolling. The officer can be heard in the background shouting, “Stop fighting my dog!”

Puppy K9 in training wrestling with the "assailant" to secure him until his human partner arrives.
Image from X (Twitter).

Puppy K9 Training Can Be Intense

The puppy K9 officer-in-training did a phenomenal job grabbing the padded arm of the assailant and holding on until his human partner got there to finish securing the criminal.

While this video is hilarious, we must note that this type of training ensures that a puppy K9 officer learns the correct way to take down and detain a suspect. The training gets more intense as the puppy grows and advances from one stage to the next. So, please, by all means, laugh at this clip, but also acknowledge the hard work our little puppy K9 officer-in-training is putting in. If you enjoyed this, please share it with a friend.

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