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Kidney Donor And Recipient Become Best Friends And Team Up To Launch Amazing Network.

Erin Francis was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease when she was just 4 years old. By 2016, the adult needed a transplant.

Her husband posted a plea for a living donor on Facebook, and when Breanna Sipple saw it, she knew she had to step up for this stranger.


Initially, Breanna was told she wasn’t a match due to high blood pressure, but as it turned out, she actually had “white coat syndrome” because she was nervous. After six months of testing, she finally got approved to donate her kidney to Erin.

Since then, the two have become best friends and advocates for other people who need organ transplants!

Once they successfully recovered from their surgeries in 2017, they created a network called “Team Be More.” Their mission is to encourage others to serve as living donors by sharing success stories and requests from individuals in need of a transplant.


To spread their message even further, Erin and Breanna participated in The DreamWalk Fashion Show, which encourages “inclusivity and body positivity.”

The duo rocked the runway and showed off their transplant scars to celebrate their story and raise awareness for organ donation.


After all, the transplant experience changed both of their lives for the better! “I really truly feel like my life didn’t start until the day I decided to become an organ donor,” Breanna told a local news outlet.

Looking back, she added she feels nothing but joy. “I’ll never forget the moment I walked to see Erin the day after surgery,” she wrote. “It was a memory that I’ll cherish until the day I die. Love you so much, kidney sister.”

As for Erin, she said she still can’t adequately express her gratitude: “This person just completely saved your life and gave you a new fresh start.”


Erin and Breanna will continue inspiring people to become living donors. Breanna especially wants the world to know one important message: “It’s okay to be scared, but it’s going to be the most amazing journey of your entire life. So take the leap.”

Check out Team Be More’s page to learn more, and share this story to encourage your friends to donate.

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