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Teachers Spend Summer Vacation Painting Inspiring Bathroom Messages For Middle School Girls.

Middle school is a tough time for many kids.

Once puberty hits, children often go through an awkward phase as they get used to their changing bodies. All those hormones can really wreak havoc on kids, especially socially! Since lots of children this age wind up seeking shelter in a bathroom stall for one reason or another, teachers at the Warren Middle School decided to make those restrooms as welcoming as possible.


Dozens of administrators at the Forney, Texas, school came in over their summer holiday to paint inspiring messages in the girls’ and boys’ bathrooms. The paintings are designed colorfully, adding a cheerful ambiance to the previously bleak decor, and each message encourages body positivity, leadership, and strength.


Teachers who volunteered for the bathroom inspiration project used stencils to draw on the messages, then painstakingly colored in each character. Messages tell girls how powerful they are, and how much they mean to the world around them.


Examples include:

“Bloom where you’re planted,””Real girls aren’t perfect, perfect girls aren’t real,”“Your mistakes don’t define you,”and “You are amazing, you are brave, you are strong.â€


The boys’ bathroom was decorated with messages like, “Work hard, dream big,”“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.”

warren ms boys room

The teachers used a ladder to reach the area over the mirrors, displaying:

“You may not have Wonder Woman’s superpowers, but you can have a super-powered impact on the world,â€

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, there’s a leader in us all.â€

warren ms school

Officials at the Warren Middle School were thrilled when a Facebook post of the teachers in action went viral. Now they’re urging other schools to follow their lead by decorating their bathrooms with positive messages, too. The teachers recently hosted a Facebook Live for other school administrators who want to implement their own program.

warren ms bathrooms

What a perfect way to lift young men and women up when (and where) they need it the most! We hope more schools get in on this action to create safe, loving, and uplifting spaces for all young people!

Please share this idea to spread the bathroom inspiration movement further!

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