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Girl’s Long-Division “Rap” Is Amazing New Way For Kids To Learn Math.

Who says long division has to be a boring part of the grade school experience? One Florida teacher has kids singing and dancing while solving problems… and their routine in action has gone viral for all the right reasons.

Nadine S. Ebri, a teacher at La Core Christian Academy in Jacksonville,FL created a song and dance to help her students while solving long division problems on the board. Ebri recorded them performing the song and posted the video on Facebook where it’s taking the educational community by storm. “Divide. Multiply. Subtract. Break it on down and bring it on back,” the class signs in unison on the video below.

It’s no coincidence that our earliest core learning experiences are accompanied by song, the ABC’s being the most obvious example. For those trying to learn a new language, singing is proving to be much more effective than repetition for retention and gaining a better understanding of the rhyme and rhythm.

So why not apply these basic principals in the classroom setting? I know that for me, being able to sing and memorize the in’s and out’s tedious math rules would have really helped me along the way.

Check out the video below!

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