“You Your Teacher’s Pet,” Little Kid’s Adorable Learning Ritual Goes Viral.

teacher dances with class

The hit song “Juju on That Beat” and the associated dance routine have become viral sensations. We already told you about the adorable 4-year-old who tickled Ellen with his version of the dance, and then there was the inspiring mom who made a “Juju on that chemo” video of herself and a friend dancing their way through cancer. Now, educators are getting in on the craze after a teacher rewrote the lyrics to inspire students to be excited about learning!


Ms. Bethany Humphrey — the brilliant woman behind “Teaching and so Fourth” — regularly uses music in the classroom, creating original songs to help teach and connect with her students. “If you could see their faces when I introduce a new song, it would say everything,” Ms. Humphrey told Huffington Post of her technique. “My struggling students are understanding concepts at a faster rate due to the engagement the songs bring.”

Ms. Humphrey originally posted the “Juju on That Beat” parody on Instagram, saying “Y’all we may not have rhythm but we sure do have fun. New quarter, new morning song! Every morning when we walk into class, we sing this song to start our day.”

The lyrics — which can be found in full here — are about having a good day and enjoying learning!

The clever song has already spread around the nation. Ms. Humphrey teaches in Nevada, but now a video of another teacher– Heather Finch– singing the song with her students in Memphis is going viral!

Ms. Humphrey is thrilled to see her lesson plan making a difference in Ms. Finch’s classroom.

“There is no greater feeling than knowing our morning song is positively impacting other teachers and students around the country,” wrote Ms. Humphrey, “Connecting with the students is where it all starts.”

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