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Nosy 5th Graders Ask Teachers If They Are Dating, But Their Unexpected Answer Has Them Screaming.

As anyone who has spent a lot of time around 5th graders will tell you, it can be hard to hold their attention for long. Jason Seifert– a 5th grade science teacher for the past 17 years– knows this well. But, in the video below, he has the full attention of every one of his students as he addresses a very important subject: his relationship.

According to Jason, some of his students had approached him with suspicions, asking if he and another teacher– math teacher Ally Barker– were dating. He decided it was time to address the rumors so– on Valentine’s Day– Jason stood up in front of the class with Ally by his side to make an important announcement.

“The answer is yes, we are dating,” Jason tells the class. The kids freak out, with “awww”s and raucous applause. Then, Jason goes on. “And we are a little bit more than dating.” The kids freak out again. But when Jason says he’s “completely in love” with Ally, the students lose their minds! What he did next had the class in complete chaos… he drops to a knee and asks Ally to marry him!

Ally was totally shocked by the proposal, but she loved the way he asked. After all, the two had met at the school when Ally started teaching 2 years ago, and that’s where they became best friends and then a couple. Plus, she loves her students, and she loved that Jason included them on the special moment.

Another 5th grader teacher recorded the proposal in the video below.

Check out the students’ adorable reactions and share!


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