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Teacher Catches Student Napping In Class & Decides To Pull Hilarious Prank.

Sleeping in class is a pretty common pastime for some students – it’s also entirely annoying for teachers. Imagine trying to educate over the sound of someone snoozing in the back of the classroom!

But there’s always the exception to the rule… not all teachers get bent out of shape. In fact, one educator (and an entire classroom full of his students) decided to have a bit of fun with one sleepy student.

teacher talks to camera

As Joe Slifka explained in the caption for his YouTube video, “On a Friday, after a test, Michael fell asleep during class.”

Rather than wake the poor kid up, though, Joe decided to let him sleep… and to leave the room, along with the rest of the class.

students laughing

The giggling students waited for the signal from Joe, then the pupil nearest to Michael craftily collected his things and got up.

kids leave

That was everyone else’s queue: they silently filed out of the room while the video recorded Michael sleeping, blissfully unaware that he was about to be the only one left.

Soon it was just Michael snoozing… until a loud alarm went off, jarring the student awake.


Watch the funny prank below and see Michael’s reaction to being punked.

It’s nice to see some teachers not taking themselves too seriously and having fun with their students. We need to see more educators like Joe! Share if you agree.

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