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Neil Patrick Harris’ Prank Audition Hilariously Horrifies “The Voice” Judges.

neil patrick harris voice

“The Voice” is a competition meant to help talented singers make their dreams of stardom come true… at least, that’s how it works most of the time. Sometimes, though, there are other dreams… like the ones that involve pulling off an epic prank!

Actor Neil Patrick Harris once showed up on the show with the latter goal in mind. So how did it go? Well, one thing’s for sure: The celebrity judges didn’t have the slightest clue what hit them.

neil outside of his makeup

For his TV show “Best Time Ever,” Neil went “undercover” as Jurgen Vollmer, the host of “The Voice Austria.” To start, “Jurgen” engaged in a series of fake interviews with the real host and coaches of the American show.

The celebrity even went as far as to hire another actor to pretend to be a producer named Hans.

Neil and his fake producer

As Jurgen, Neil sought advice from Carson Daly, who suggested he try to make the celebrity judges “look good.”

His other interviews came across as hilariously awkward, which was completely intentional on the actor’s part. But that was only the beginning… Neil was about to take his prank to the next level.

Neil auditions for the Voice

After successfully fooling the judges with his phony question, Neil participated in a fake blind audition. His version of “And I’m Telling You” was hilarious, but it didn’t turn any chairs.

neil audition bad

Throughout his cringe-worthy audition, the judges are visibly disturbed by the “performer’s” voice… but that all changed when he finally revealed his identity.

Check out Neil Patrick Harris’ funny prank in the video below. Share this hilarious celebrity prank with someone who needs a laugh today!

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