Taylor Swift Named Her Cat After Mariska Hargitay, And Mariska Responded In Kind!

mariska hargitay next to a photo of a cat

Taylor Swift’s love for Mariska Hargitay runs deep. It’s no wonder, then, she chose to name her second cat after the actor’s SVU character, Olivia Benson. In doing so, a friendship between the two began. Although this happened years ago, Hargitay recently had the opportunity to extend that same kindness back to Swift.

While on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host brings up the fact that Swift named a cat after her character. This provides the purrfect segue for Hargitay to share exciting news: She has a new cat! And you’ll never guess what she named her…

Mariska Hargitay Names Siamese Cat in Honor of Taylor Swift

@fallontonight Mariska Hargitay named her cat Karma after she learned @Taylor Swift named her cat Olivia Benson! #FallonTonight #TonightShow #MariskaHargitay #TaylorSwift #LawAndOrder #SVU #OliviaBenson ♬ original sound – FallonTonight

Rather than going with Swift’s name (which could get complicated since they are friends, after all) she chose Karma. This is an exceptionally clever choice considering the following line is from Swift’s song with the same name: “Karma is a cat purring in my lap ’cause it loves me.”

“There was no other name for this cat,” Hargitay says. “And she’s such a Karma.”

Swift clearly agrees, taking to Instagram to share in the excitement of Hargitay’s announcement post. Included in the post, of course, are the most adorable photos of Karma herself.

“Are you serious?!!!!” Swift writes. “Nothing has ever come more full circle. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!”

Sounds like Swift and Hargitay need to arrange a playdate between Olivia and Karma ASAP!

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