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5 Times Taylor Swift Left Everyone Speechless With Her Heart Of Gold

taylor swift hugging little boy next to red album cover

From country princess to pop queen, Taylor Swift is beloved by millions for her witty lyrics and catchy melodies. Although her fans affectionately refer to her as “Blondie,” she constantly defies the one-dimensional blonde stereotype.

Not only does she tease upcoming projects with clever puzzles, but she also frequently donates to charity and provides encouragement to those in need. Here are some of our favorite ways that Swift has made us smile.

1. Her kindness won this young woman over.

A beginning music artist named Klee took to TikTok to share how her positive interaction with Swift made her a forever fan. Klee attended the AMA Award performance where Swift won her Artist of the Decade award, and while the other performing artists ignored the fans waiting in the pit, Swift went out of her way to interact with them.


oh also you can see me in her performance i was right up on that stage!!! ##redtaylorsversion ##taylorswift ##swifttok ##taylorsversion ##red ##amas

♬ Red – Taylor Swift

2. Even Mr. Feeny has something to say!

William Daniels, who played Mr. Feeny in the sitcom “Boy Meets World,” advised everyone to listen to Swift’s re-recorded version of the album RED in a video on his granddaughter’s TikTok account.

Complete with puns based off Swift’s songs, William’s video caught the attention of Swift and her younger brother Austin! The superstar expressed her delight to William and his granddaughter Grace in the comment section of the video.

3. Swift has offered encouraging advice on fans’ Instagram posts.

One young fan, Hannah, was experiencing bullying, so Swift took the time to look through her Instagram and comment a heartfelt personal message on one of Hannah’s posts.

When the brutal parts of life were getting another fan down, Swift commented encouragement on their post, too.

4. She even sent some fans actual gifts.

In 2014, for what she dubbed “Swiftmas,” Taylor Swift combed through her biggest fans’ social media and sent them personalized gifts and handmade cards.

“You can tell it’s really genuine, everything she writes,” said Katie Mullins, one recipient. “It’s not contrived in any way. She’s just so charming, her personality, the fact that she does stuff like this, it’s crazy.”

5. Most recently, Swift donated large sums to help people affected by COVID-19.

In March 2021, Swift and her mom donated $50,000 to Vickie Quarles, a mother of five who lost her husband to COVID-19.

Just a few months prior in December 2020, Swift gave away $13,000 to two mothers who needed money for rent, citing a Washington Post article about people struggling to pay rent because of the pandemic.

The best thing about Taylor Swift is that she treats people like, well, people! She helps those who need a hand and encourages those who need encouragement regardless of her fame, and we love her for it.

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