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Owner’s Hysterical Twitter Rant About Her Oddball Horse Has Internet Cracking Up.

Sometimes we train animals; other times they train us.

Twitter user @mckellogs recently shared some funny pictures of her North Carolina homestead, complete with what she calls the “world’s stupidest horf.” (For the uninitiated, horf is a play on the word “horse” as it used to be written in old English.) Meet Tango.


This noble steed has personality to spare, and even though his owners love to joke around about how dumb he is, we think he’s secretly pretty sly!

Tango’s Twitter story begins with his owner lamenting the fact that the horse quite literally doesn’t know when to come in out of the cold. There was a big snow storm heading straight for their area, and Tango’s family was busy battening down the hatches like all of their neighbors. During their preparation, they shored up Tango’s barn to make sure he would stay warm and dry during the nasty weather. Apparently, this sort of thing has been an issue in the past.


Mckellogs goes on to share a series of hilarious pictures of Tango being a bit of a doofus.

“Look at him last year. He had a completely dry, warm barn with hay and feed and here he is, in the middle of the pasture, doing the stupid horse version of the This Is Fine dog.”


Here’s a picture of Tango standing outside in a rainstorm, staring wistfully at the warm and cozy barn… which is wide open, by the way. He could have gone inside at any time!


Tango also has a fun habit of playing dead. That is, he just lies on his back in the middle of the field, looking for all the world as if he’s keeled over out there.

It’s gotten so bad that people actually pull over and knock on their door to tell them their horse has died.


“We live in a very rural area, in a trailer, on an off road. Not a lot of traffic. Since getting Tango, there are 4 dedicated people who come every day to feed him, and random stops from new people throughout the day. He gets v excited for his snacks.”

He has also trained his humans to play fetch. As in, he brings them his dinner bowl and they better fetch him some grub!


“Yesterday my mom said some lady came to the door to tell her how pretty tango is and the lady started crying about it. This is normal. We don’t know why everyone is obsessed with the horse.”

As if there were any question about how dead Tango looks to passersby, here’s proof that he does this all the time. His dead horse routine even made it onto the farm’s Google Maps listing.


Here’s Tango modeling his new cape. Oh, was this supposed to be worn like a blanket to keep him warm? Whoops.


And sometimes a horse just wants what he wants.


One thing is certain: this horse has people stopping to check on him, offer him treats, build him shelters, and giving him tons and tons of unconditional love. We’d say he’s far from stupid!


Way to get the last laugh, Tango! You’ve got your family very well trained.

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