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“Taking My Autistic And Nonspeaking Son To See Stevie Nicks And Actually Hear Him Sing Along!”

A mom smiles wide as she records her son singing at a concert. Text on the image: Top Mom Moment! Taking my autistic and nonspeaking son to see Stevie Nicks and actually hear him SING ALONG!

Words don’t have to be spoken in order to express how you feel. This is particularly true for autistic folks like Gabe who are nonspeaking. Last year, his wholesome friendship with a fellow autistic person, Arielle, went viral. The two of them have a special bond, and music is one of their shared interests.

The degree in which Gabe loves music can be seen in the way he enjoys a Stevie Nicks concert with his mom. During it, Nicks sings Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty. When she does, Gabe becomes entranced, not only by the music, but by the way the audience dances and sings along. He’s especially focused on his happy mom. Plus, he even sings along a bit!

The look in Gabe’s eyes shows just how much music means to him. Needless to say, this heartwarming moment meant a lot to the both of them. This is also true of the millions of people who have seen this video!

Mom Takes Her Autistic, Nonspeaking Son to See Stevie Nicks — And He Sings Along!

“I’m also autistic, and these moments at concerts when so many people are singing together and uniting over their love of the same thing is so overwhelming in the best way,” someone shares. “His reaction turning toward the crowd is the same thing I do at concerts!”

“The way he lights up when she sings is everything!” another writes. “Music is truly a universal language and it speaks to us all differently.”

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