Mom Gets Creative With Old Cardboard To Teach Kids How To Use Toy Appliances.

Finding toys that will satisfy a child’s curiosity about the world can be a challenge, especially for parents who want to cut down on spending and waste. Luckily, Sydney Piercey of London, England, has the perfect solution!

Sydney is a mom of two — and a repurposing whiz! One day, she noticed her oldest daughter was fascinated by the appliances around their house, so she began creating adorable replicas out of cardboard boxes!

Check out 11 of her interactive masterpieces below that blow store-bought toys out of the water.

1. The mom is a big supporter of living sustainably, so she loved the idea of putting old cardboard to good use.

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2. After all, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

3. At the same time, her creations are nurturing her girls’ creativity and safely expanding their skills!

4. They can play with an iron without getting burned…

5. …make cardboard toast all by themselves…

6. …and run their own pretend hair salon!

7. “I am able to teach my little ones how to use appliances safely, my daughter can mimic me whilst I do chores around the house,” Sydney told Bored Panda. “Fun for free!”

8. But the most impressive part about these toys? They’re incredibly detailed.

9. Some take hours to put together. For example, this washing machine comes with a door, buttons, knobs, and Bubble Wrap to mimic soapy water!

10. Take this spy kit as well, which comes complete with a camera, walkie-talkie, magnifying glass, telescope, and glasses!

11. While this record player may not work, all the girls need is their imagination to make music!

We’ve found our mom of the year! What a fun way to get kids to use their imagination and learn valuable skills. We know what we’ll be doing with our extra cardboard from now on.

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