Sweet Niece Strategically Hides Her Snacks For The Most Wholesome Reason.

A thoughtful young girl hides snacks for her friend.

When this young girl hides her snacks, it’s not because she’s saving them for later. She’s just trying to be a good hostess! Proud aunt Kayla Grooms shared the sweetest TikTok video about her niece prepping the house for a slumber party. It turns out that the girl has an adorable reason for putting food in strange places.

“My friend is coming for a sleepover and she’s shy, so I’m going to put snacks in the side tables so she won’t be too shy to go to the pantry for food,” Kayla’s niece said.

It’s amazing to see this thoughtful child trying so hard to accommodate her friend’s needs! Many former shy kids in the comments section were touched by the girl’s strategy of hiding snacks around the house.

“For someone who was always too shy to ask for something, I needed a friend like this!” wrote one user. “So sweet.”

“This is the most considerate thing I think I’ve ever seen,” another person added. “I was painfully shy growing up, she’s such a sweet girl for even noticing that!”

A thoughtful young girl hides snacks for her friend.
Screengrab from TikTok

Sometimes, children really surprise us with their kindness and empathy. It’s so heartwarming that this little girl went out of her way to hide snacks for her friend so that she’d feel more comfortable sleeping over!

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