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Meet The Couple That Lives With Over 100 Huskies In The Arctic.

Being surrounded by dogs is every animal lover’s dream, and Audun and Mia Salte are enjoying every minute of it!

When they first arrived in Longyearbyen, Norway, Audun thought they’d made a mistake. The Arctic town is as remote as they come, but it wasn’t long before the two of them fell in love with the place — and of course, their dogs!


In 2014, they began working for a family business and kennel called Svalbard Husky, which takes tourists on mushing trips. Three years later, they became the owners and found themselves caring for about 114 huskies.

“I think it took a year before we fully understood the great responsibility we had taken on, but we have never regretted it,” Audun said.

svalbard husky

In fact, they’ve never been happier! Theirs is a quiet life filled with never-ending work, but it’s a setting they (and their pups) thrive in. They’re even more excited to share the magic with their son Tore, who was born last year.

“We have always worked with dogs, so this provided an opportunity to have a stable life doing what we love doing,” Audun explained.

Plus, they get to take visitors on incredible trips through the beauty surrounding them!

sled dogs

“It’s fun to show guests how wonderful the dogs are,” Audun said. “We are proud to show off the dogs. They are our kids!”

sled dogs

As far as the Saltes are concerned, “a life with dogs is just better.” That’s why they wouldn’t trade theirs for anything.

audun with sled dogs

The day Audun and Mia moved to Longyearbyen was a blessing in disguise. We’re so happy they found a way to turn their passion for animals into a lifestyle. They obviously care deeply about their huskies — and the feeling is mutual!

Learn more about Svalbard Husky in the video below, and share this story with other dog lovers.

'I'm the father to 110 huskies' | BBC World Service

"A life with dogs is just better."Meet the man lives with 110 doggos! 🐶❤️Via BBC World Service

Posted by BBC Scotland on Thursday, February 27, 2020

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